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to cook in oven


to moisten meat or vegetables during cooking by spooning over or brushing with cooking liquid from the dish


mixture based on flour, eggs and milk, water or beer. Used to coat food such as fish or vegetables before frying, fritters or pancakes.


to cook raw ingredients in boiling water (generally vegetables), for a short time, then plunge into cold water and drain. Used to maintain crispness and retain colour of green vegetables such as asparagus and green beans. Also helps to loosen skins for easy peeling of tomatoes, onions, almonds.

Blind Bake

to bake an unfilled, raw pastry case by lining pastry with baking paper, filling with rice, dried beans or pastry weights before baking


to slowly cook meat, fish, poultry or vegetables in a small amount of liquid, in a tightly covered pan, either on cook top or in oven.