Chicken is one of the world’s primary sources of animal protein. One serve of chicken breast can provide more than 50% of the recommended dietary intake of protein per day. Here are some great tips to be considered when selecting cuts of chicken:

Tips for picking a good piece of chicken:

  • Look for cuts that are plump in shape and have a rounded breast
  • Where possible, select chicken that has been organically raised or that is “free range” they have a much better flavour and are better for your health.
  • Chicken should never have an ‘off’ smell.

Popular Cuts:

  • Breast – probably the most popular and versatile cut of chicken, the breast is very lean and easy to cook. As this is the meatiest part of the bird it is best used in fast cooking methods such as barbequing and pan frying.
  • Wing – The wings are a very small cut but extremely flavoursome. They are great to marinating and serving as finger food.
  • Thigh – More flavoursome than the breast, the thigh is also suited to fast cooking methods and is great for using in curries, stir-fry’s and other Asian dishes.


Avoid freezing chicken whenever possible to eliminate the moisture loss during thawing which results in a much less tender meat. However if you must freeze your chicken, be careful in your storage methods as it is very important not to contaminate other foods, this will encourage the spread of bacteria. 




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