Lamb is a very versatile type of meat which provides a range of cuts for any budget. Wonderfully rich in flavour, lamb can lend itself to all sorts of dishes including roasts, barbeques or salads. Here are some tips to consider when picking the best cuts of lamb:

Tips for picking good cuts of lamb:

  • Avoid meat that is discoloured, looks slimy or has ‘off’ odours – try and find a nice bright coloured cut of meat.
  • Always choose a piece of meat that is within its range of acceptable dates. Even though the cut may look and smell acceptable after the given dates, it is always wise to eat within the suggested time frame.

Popular Cuts:

  • Rack/Cutlets – this is a very tender and juicy cut of meat. A full rack is great for oven roasting, or can be cut into single cutlets and pan-fried for quick and easy meal. Racks and cutlets are great with a herb crust or marinade.
  • Loin – The loin comes from the middle of the Lamb and can provide numerous cuts including sirloin and fillet steak. This cut is characteristically very tender and is ideal for grilling or panfrying.
  • Leg – Traditionally used in roasts, this cut great for slow cooking at a moderate heat to allow even cooking which will retain the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.
  • Rump – Typically a cheaper cut of meat, providing great value for budget shoppers, the rump steak is a very tasty cut which is ideal for adding to casseroles and curries using a slow cooking method.


Lamb works well with a variety of citrus, fruit and herbal accompaniments. Try using thyme, rosemary, parsley, coriander, mint, cinnamon, chilli, fennel seeds, oregano, lemon or cumin to compliment your dish.



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