market basket 16 march 2017

It is back our much loved Market Basket.

This week’s market basket report is brought to you by Toms Superfruits:

Autumn is here, the leaves are starting to turn and so is what’s in season.


Apples are extremely rich in antioxidants, dietary fibre and not to mention they are versatile in recipes and absolutely delicious making them an Autumn favourite. Toms Superfruits are offering a great range of apples this season from sweet and crisp pink ladies to new season royal gala. The price of apples range from just $3.99 per kilo to $5.99 per kilo.

Plums are another favourite during the start of the cooler months as they’re only in season during Summer and Autumn. Plums are low in calories and high in fibre helping your bowel do its work. Selling for $7.99 per kilo you better get in quick before they finish up for the season.

Pears are packed full of vitamins and one of the most juicy, mouth-watering fruits on the Autumn market. Selling for an awesome price of only $2.99 per kilo. You’ll find a great Autumn fruit recipe at the bottom of the page.




Pumpkins are fantastic roasted, in a soup, as a puree, even the seeds are enjoyable. This Autumn vegetable is a household favourite and starts from just $1.99 a kilo at Toms Superfruits.

Cabbage provides your body with some amazing health benefits and while it may not be everyone’s favourite vegetable there sure are some delicious recipes that include cabbage and many different varieties of the vegetable. Red cabbage and savoy cabbage selling for whole cabbage $6.99 and half a cabbage $3.99.

Beetroot forget beetroot in a tin Belconnen Fresh Food Markets sells the real deal for only $4.99 a bunch at Toms Superfruits. This is a great Autumn vegetable that will bring colour and taste to your meal. You’ll find a great Autumn vegetable recipe at the bottom of the page.



Apple pancakes -

Pear, apple and plum Crumble (gluten free, grain free, diary free)


Warm Beet, chorizo and pear salad:

Pumpkin and sweet potato soup:

Thanks to these guys for two of this weeks recipes:

recipes are from:

recipes are from:

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