market basket 27 July 2016

This week's Market Basket is brought to you by Ziggys Fresh and Food Lovers who supply a wide range of Maggie Beer products here at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

This week we are looking at the eggplant which is in season from August through to October.

Healthy tip: - The best time of year to buy and cook with eggplants is from now till October(this is when they are in season). Research has proven that eggplants can help lower "bad" cholesterol, also helps control high blood pressure this of course is through a helthy diet, and even has been known to relieve stress.  They also have a source of iron, calcium and fibre.

This weeks dish is a famous Greek traditional dish Moussaka. 

This traditional Greek dish is an easy way to get your 5 vegtables a day.  The dish already contains layers of eggplant, but you can add as many winter vegetables as you want a great way to add them is to grate the vegetables in and mix them up with the lamb mince the kids won't even be able to tell.

Recipe is taken from the Maggie Beer webiste:. 



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