market basket 22 July 2016

This week’s market basket is goulash. Goulash is a traditional dish from hungry that is also very popular in other European countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. It is perfect to eat during the cooler months. It can be made as a soup or on a bed of rice. Below we have an easy and simple recipe for goulash that is sure to have mouths watering. You had find ingredients like vegeta and fant from Deli cravings- you can only find fant in speciality stores such as deli cravings at the markets. This is an ingredient you won’t find at your local super market. It really adds that traditional flavour to the dish and is a must have.

The recipe is from one of our team members here at the markets:


-          -  dice one brown onion and fry until translucent

-          - add a kilo of diced beef to the onion and also add one diced tomato

-          -   fry the beef until almost brown then coat the beef in paprika powder

-          -  add salt, pepper, and vegeta to taste

-           -  slowly add water- fry it off and keep adding until you build up a good amount of sauce

-        -  tomato paste to your sauce then slowly add the whole packet of fant (you need to buy the fant that is for goulash)

-        -  cook until meat is tender


-        -   Dice brown onion and fry until brown

-       -    Add 2 cups of rice and vegeta to taste

-       -    Add 4 cups of water- bring to boil and simmer until water dissolves

-       -    Serve with goulash and enjoy

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