So Fresh

Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015
This edition of So Fresh features an interview with food artisan Nancy Harrison, owner of the thriving gourmet hub FoodLovers. We were also lucky enough to take 5 with FishCo’s John Fragopoulos, who sheds a little light on one of the biggest trading days of the year; Good Friday. 

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

At last, spring has arrived! As the days become longer and brighter, our motivation to get outside and defrost after the notoriously cold Canberra winter is at an all-time high.

This edition of So Fresh encompasses all that is spring; flicking out that picnic rug, sharing the sunshine with your ...

Winter 2014

Winter has definitely set in for the Nation's Capital! As the weather cools down and most of us head indoors for hibernation, we Canberran's start dreaming of hearty comfort meals to indulge in. This issue of So Fresh will teach you how to avoid those unwanted winter kilos using fresh seasonal ...

Autumn 2014

2014 is already running away from us and we can’t believe it’s already April! Right now as we transition into Autumn, with a few cooler days scattered here and there we are excited about the prospect of the seasonal pumpkins, apples and pears for rich and flavoursome ...

Summer 2013

With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve put together a variety of activity at the markets to make this festive season fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Boasting loads of fantastic Christmas specials on meats, fruit and veg, seafood and beverages, we’ve also lined ...

Spring 2013

Spring has arrived and don’t we know it! As we can finally start to put that winter weather behind us and start to move away from those heavy meals we have been consuming to keep warm and look to the beautiful spring lamb and fresh produce coming into season.
As always, in this edition of So ...

Winter 2013

Winter is upon us and it’s time to start dreaming up delicious winter soups using a variety of different cuisines as inspiration such as Moroccan, African, French and Italian boosted with fresh seasonal produce available at our green grocers. 

Other exciting news for ...

Autumn 2013

Welcome to Autumn! Christmas had just finished when we quickly bypassed Easter so early on in the year and now we have to get back on track away from the decadent food and the chocolatey treats!

Right, so where to start? Luckily Autumn has such a beautiful array of produce that ...

Summer 2012

Praise the sun! The warm weather is finally upon us, let us hope that it lasts a little longer than last year!

When I think of summer, I immediately think of the different bright coloured, sweet fruits available such as mango, watermelon, lychees and what about stonefruits too! It’s time to ...

Spring 2012

A well awaited Spring has finally arrived and the time has come to step outside, take a deep breath of fresh air and finally welcome the warmer weather.

Exploring what spring has to offer is possibly the best way to spend this beautiful and colourful season. As our gardens come into bloom and ...

Winter 2012

Winter has certainly set in for 2012, and as most of us head indoors to escape the cold, it’s the perfect time to bring family and friends together to share a delicious meal, great conversation and sit back and relax!

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Autumn 2012

The days are slightly shorter, the nights are slightly cooler and the brilliant shades of our leaves begin to deepen into beautiful crimson hues. 

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