Cafe the Annapurna

Cafe the Annapurna

The new kid on the block! Café the Annapurna is proving to be a breath of fresh air into the markets, adding to the melting pot of cuisines and featuring dishes rich in culture from across the world. ‘Annapurna’ is a stunning mountainous region in Nepal, and the name certainly lives up to its reputation, with owner Ashok and his Nepalese brothers serving up a variety of dishes at the pinnacle of freshness and flavour.

Café the Annapurna have already developed a strong reputation for offering customers tasty, fresh and healthy cuisine, keeping up with our “life’s better when it’s fresh” moto at the markets. The café features a varied, seasonal menu to suit any appetite, with dishes such as chicken burgers, traditional Nepalese dumplings, gourmet sandwiches, an all-day breakfast and buttermilk pancakes.

Cafe the Annapurna; Eat Fresh, Be Healthy!

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