market basket 18 august 2016

market basket 18 august 2016

This week’s Market Basket is brought to you by Toms Superfruits.

We love fresh produce at Belconnen Fresh Food Markets and we especially love when you can make something delicious out of that produce.

Carrots have got to be one of the most popular vegetables and in an age where our appearance is high on our importance list we should definitely be consuming more carrots as they are packed  full of goodness for our bodies, it has benefits for your skin anti-aging, protecting teeth and gums and can also help prevent cancer. But sometimes carrots can be a little bit boring just by themselves and sometimes you just feel like something sweet. So why not whip up a delicious carrot cake?

We found a recipe that is not only tasty but has a healthly twist on the regular carrot cake so you’re not consuming all those calories and that sugar.