market basket 21 september 2016

market basket 21 september 2016

Market Basket for this week

This Week’s Market Basket is brought to you by Deli Cravings, Knead Patisserie and Bens All Meats

We have chosen to use Heart Smart beef mince from Bens all meats which is 99% fat free and the best mince you can buy- $13.99 a kilo. We have also chosen an Adelaide blue cheese from Deli Cravings which is $58.99 a kilo. The Adelaide blue cheese isn’t as strong as some of the other blue cheeses out there- and because of its soft texture it will go perfectly in your homemade burger. Instead of Italian we have used a freshly made rustic rye from Knead Patisserie which provides more health benefits for you and your family, costing $6.50 a loaf.

This weekend the weather gods have promised us sunshine, which is how it’s supposed to be in Spring. So why not have your family and friends around for homemade gourmet beef burgers with blue cheese. It is quick, easy and a much healthier alternative to take away burgers.

Healthy Tip: Despite what you may think, blue cheese does offer nutritional value, boosting your intake of daily protein and vitamin B-12 (which helps boost your energy levels) It helps to maintain a healthy immune system, repairs damaged tissues and provides your body with essential calcium