Purchasing fruits and vegetables can be a daunting and costly exercise if you don't know what to look for. It is also important that you know the produce you are buying is fresh, safe and of a high quality.

We've put together the Top 5 tips to look for in your fruit and vegetables, to making buying easy!

  1. Complexion perfection! When buying fruit, regardless of variety, look for firm flesh with shiny skin, free from bruises, lumps, or cuts. Splits and bruises allow the air to penetrate and encourage the growth of micro-organisms which is bad for our bodies.

  2. Use your nose! Fruits that smell overly sweet are generally past their prime and will have a limited life in your fruit bowl.

  3. Handle with care! Look for vegetables that are heavy for their size - a sign they are ripe and packet with nutrients.

  4. Get Dirty! Do not shy away from vegetables with dirt on their leaves or stems! This is a wonderful reminder that the markets sells quality and farm grown produce! Always wash your vegetables thoroughly in fresh cold water, even if you intend to cook them - this ensures any soil or animal products get washed away and you are left with a great fresh taste.

  5. The right timing! Always aim to purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season. Summer fruits and vegetables do not grow in the cooler months, so keep this in mind if you’re wanting to buy a punnet of strawberries or box of mangoes in June. Be a smart in season shopper and your family will taste the difference. For seasonal information, availability and recipes ideas, be sure to grab a copy of the latest So Fresh Magazine from the markets or read it here.

Remember to educate your children on the benefits of eating fresh produce, and for future visits to the markets, why not let them get join in and pick the apples or oranges?