First stage of loop complete

First stage of loop complete

loop earth

After months of hard work and planning, the construction phase of the first building within the loop precinct has been completed.

The team from loop are pleased to announce they are now making final arranagements to secure the tenants of this commericial building and finalise interior fit outs. loop earth is a unique building that has set a high standard of development, and will lead the way for local and sustainable construction. The loop earth building is a two storey commerical use building incorporating retail opportunities on the ground floor, and office space on level one.

loop earth is an exclusive development that features passive solar design to achieve the highest possible green star ratings. Initiatives will encompass energy efficient and renewable technologies to achieve the optimal environment for sustainable functionality.

loop earth will integrate roof mounted solar panels with the intention of generating electricity to or greater than the amount used by tenants. Through natural cross ventilation, high performance window glazing, water conservation and the use of low-impact building materials, tenants will see significant ongoing savings in energy, water and other operating costs.

With provisions for cyclists and electric vehicles around loop earth, tenants and visitors will be encouraged to access public transport and undertake measures to assume measures to reduce their carbon footprint.