Carve the perfect ham!

You basically haven't lived Christmas with a ham, it's a stape on the menu every year. But often the hardest part is trying to work out how to carve the it! We've prepared a fail safe guide to preparing and carving a delicious ham for your family care of the wonderful butchers at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.


1x full leg ham
1x very sharpe knife
1x roasting fork

Step One:

Place the ham on a cutting board or ham stand (if you have one)


Step Two:

To carve the ham nicely you will need to start by making a slice off the end of the ham.


Step 3:

Use the first cut as a guide, cut straught down the ham at 3-5mm intervals


Step 4:

Once you reach the hock bone, cut around the bone at 45 degree angles to maximise the number of slices



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