New Parking Arrangements

Parking at the Belconnen Markets

In relation to the parking system at the Belconnen Markets, we would like to inform our customers that we have recently paired with Parking enforcement services to implement a car park management program. What this program entails is to educate parkers/customers that the car parks within the Belconnen Market will have a 2 hour limit in all designated parking bays.

 We have installed prominent 2P parking only signage throughout the car park (and are utilising existing 2P signage where possible) as well as contractual agreement (terms and conditions) signage at all car park entry points. The terms and conditions signage will clearly inform all parkers entering the car park of the 2P time restriction, forming a contractual agreement on this basis upon their entry.

 It does not cost anything to park within the markets as long as you stay within the 2 hour parking limit, otherwise you could potentially be caught in breach and be served with a parking fine.

We have installed this system so we can ensure that the car park keeps flowing so it is  more accessable for all customers during days of Market trading.


**The patrols completed by Wilson Parking are completely sporadic and can occur at any time. Due to the enforcements being controlled by LPR cameras, these cameras only capture the initial attendance time of the current patrol being completed. With that being said, it doesn’t record factors that relate to changes in car park areas and whether you leave and return and if the same vehicle is captured during another patrol on the same day and the time limit according to their records has lapsed, a breach will automatically be generated.