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Keeping it Fresh since 1976

Belconnen Fresh Food Markets has been synonymous with the finest selections of nutritious locally grown food in Canberra since 1976, supporting local famers and businesses for over 40 years.

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What people are saying

Peta Luck

The health food store is excellent

Peter Dowley

We sometimes go for the awesome deli, and sometimes for our favourite butcher. But we always spend time in other shops as well - there is a seriously good range of food shops at the market.

Dave Asana

Fresher produce than Westfield Mall and vendors are more negotiable with willing customers. We got heads turning when we bought a box of bok choy and mangoes at bulk price, which was a pleasant surprise that good old bargaining is still welcomed here. Community-centred marketplace shopping!


My favorite market where we can get Asian groceries and vegetables too. The best raw fish shop is located there.

Andrew Gordon

The Delicatessen here is outstanding

Anne Mack

It great to shop there. So many nice shops. People so helpful and kind. We be back.

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